Star Trek Picard  (TV series 2020)   

As digital artist, I used Substance Painter to texture
the photorealistic look for the essential environment assets.
The series starts off with the series’ main
ship, La Sirena. According to the design, I
gave it a very stirking paint job on the
exterior and modified the front part model
for catching highlight details. I finalized the
last additional surface scratches and subtle
damages to look like she has been through
furiuos space battles.

Coppelius Station was the place on the planet Coppelius. I designed the entire architecture, modeled the whole set, and created the digital futuristic look. Each buildings itself, I break it down the design into simple shape in order to help the station read quickly.

Software: Clarisse, Substance Painter. 
Role: Layout, Modeling, Surfing, Look dev, for the Copper Station. Modeling(partial up rise), Surfing, Look dev for La Sirena Ship

Produced at Dneg.